PIFRA ‘Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing’

PIFRA is effectively occupied with advancing straightforwardness, responsibility, and demonstrable skill in open money related administration. With our modernizing and limit building activities, open division chiefs can utilize constant and precise budgetary data for financial administration and educated basic leadership. There has been noteworthy effect of our endeavors on in general workplace of Finance, Accounts, and Audit associations.

PIFRA ‘Venture to Improve Financial Pifra and Auditing’. Some concise realities about the venture are exhibited beneath:

  1. Cost: The venture is incorporated into MTDF 2005-10 (under the part of Governance) with an assignment of Rs. 5,533.5 Million
  2. Supporting Agency: Pakistan Audit Department
  3. Execution Agencies: Pakistan Audit Department, CGA, Ministry of Finance and Provincial Finance Departments
  4. Activity and Maintenance: Pakistan Audit Department and CGA

Concerned Federal Ministry: Ministry of Finance


The venture comprises of four parts, which include:

PIFRA Reforms

FABS (Financial Accounting and Budgeting System)

Limit working of Auditor General’s office

Limit working of Controller General of Accounts’ office

Venture Management

PIFRA goes for development of administration in monetary administration circle to accomplish the vision of reinforced Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) of the nation.

Destinations of the overhauled task are equivalent to those of PIFRA II and PIFRA-I, enrolled underneath:

Modernize government review strategies and receive globally acknowledged evaluating norms.

Set up powerful bookkeeping and revealing frameworks.

Fortify money related administration rehearses.

Create money related data, which is progressively helpful, complete, solid and auspicious. Improved information will encourage program the executives by government leaders.Fix interior controls and limit the event of blunders and anomalies in the preparing of installments and receipts.

The destinations of task are in accordance with the sectoral goals of MTDF 2005-10. One of the key sectoral goals (the Governance segment) of MTDF relates with progress in the pointers of administration in the nation. The Chapter of MTDF on Governance unmistakably considers PIFRA as a noteworthy activity driving towards great administration.

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